At our goal is to simply provide the most clear and reliable SIP based communications to the public switched telephone network. Our customers are given the freedom to choose any standards based SIP user agent, SIP device or SIP enabled PBX to connect to our service.





Our pricing options are based on "channels". Channels are equivalent to simultaneous calls. If you are familiar with traditional telephony, you may be familiar with PRI circuits. A PRI circuit has 23 channels. This means the PRI circuit can handle 23 simultaneous calls. Our SIP trunks are provisioned based on a PRI model but with more flexibility, features and you can order the number of channels you need today and add channels as your business grows. Request a quote!



  • Portable DIDs - Order DID numbers in other Cities and/or States
  • Greater Capacity - SIP Trunks are not limited to 23 channels
  • Redundancy - Use redundant internet connections to provide connectivity for SIP
  • Hybrid Infrastructure - Use SIP trunks to backup your PRI and POTS lines
  • Increase capacity - Increase call capacity to PRI or POTs infrastructures quickly.
  • Start small - Order what you need today and channels as your business grows
  • Unlimited Domestic Calls - Enjoy free calls within the United States!
  • Quick Provisioning - We can enable a new SIP Trunk with and phone numbers within 24 hrs



Individual Channels
Version Price per channel
Lab Edition Free
Business Edition $19.95/month

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PRI replacement

Our ePRI packages provide a price break for larger channel density. Compare the following prices to the average price of PRI circuits.

Description Price per 23 channels
ePRI Edition $425.00/month

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